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Return Policy
Return/Exchange Policy: Clear and Concise, Hassle-Free

Our return policy is better. Most online retailers only offer a 30 day return period.


Return products in their original condition (full, unopened, unmarked) within 30 days for a full refund less any shipping charges you may have paid. Do not write on contact lens boxes or vials (ie. "Right" or "Left"). Call for return authorization and instructions prior to returning. Return products in a shipping box, not an envelope so products do not get crushed. Returns due to shipping errors (in the unlikely event that one occurs) will be corrected at our expense; a prepaid return mailing label will be sent to you. Please note that most MTO (made-to-order) and extended range (XR) lenses are custom orders and cannot be returned or exchanged once shipped.

Prescription Change Policy

Exchanges due to prescription changes can be made on unopened, unmarked full boxes of lenses within 6 months of receipt. Lenses from Acuvue (Johnson & Johnson) can be exchanged within 1 year. There is no fee for this service. We are not able to accept returns on boxes that have been written on, damaged or resealed. We are unable to exchange vial lenses or individual/loose lenses from an opened box. Certain restrictions apply on made-to-order (MTO) lenses and custom ordered items.

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