7 Day Price Match Guarantee

Dear Valued Customer,

If you are seeking the most competitive prices for contact lenses, you can find them at PostalContacts.com. While we strive to always offer the best price possible there may be that rare occasion we missed something.

If another USA based web retailer advertises a lower total price* for the exact same product within 7 days of purchase, you are entitled to request to have the difference in price returned on the eligible items.

We truly appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

Your Customer Service Team

* Subject to limitations.   Fine print: The total to be price matched must include all shipping, processing and handling charges. One-time promotional prices, limited time or limited quantity offers, individualized coupon or individualized promotional offers may not be matched. We do not price match international or non-authorized retailers. Price matched items are not eligible for any further offers. Please note that certain products have manufacturer enforced minimum prices that we can not sell below (all Authorized retailers must follow the same policy sometimes referred to as a UPP or Unilateral Pricing Policy). We reserve the right to refuse any price match at our sole discretion and/or to limit quantities.

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